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Is your daughter becoming a "true" princess? Is she developing the characteristics of a virtuous woman? My book will help your daughter begin her journey to becoming a powerful woman.

Princesses can be a powerful source of inspiration for children when viewed in the proper light. Whether she comes from movies or real life, the princess can teach children positive character traits, good deeds and the difference between right and wrong. Although the princess figure has been much maligned in modern feminism, kids can still learn much from this social icon.

Behaving like a princess is not about being the daughter of a King, it is about incorporating the following characteristics in how you act:

  1. Have good manners: A princess always has good manners, she doesn't swear or misbehave in public. Always say please and thank you, be respectful, be courteous, and be kind. Be polite to a person even if they are very rude to you.
  2. Be charitable: If there is a choice between doing something for yourself and doing something for those less fortunate, you must choose to forsake your own needs and help those who cannot help themselves. Some great things you can do for charity include: Raise money for the less fortunate, volunteer at the animal shelter, volunteer at the salvation army, donate the clothes and other thing you don't use to the needy.
  3. Be graceful: Grace is the ability to move through life as if you were a flower floating in a pond.
  4. Be compassionate: This means looking after others the way you would want someone to look after you, like tending to others in times of need or catering to the sick, the hungry, and the poor.
  5. Turn the other cheek: Princesses do not hold grudges, fight, or get revenge.
  6. Be thoughtful: Think about others for no reason, send someone a card, just to say that you love them or heard that they were having a bad day, or make someone a sandwich if they say they are hungry.
  7. Socialize: Talk to people around you, don't be shy, because if you seem not to care about anyone, you'll be seen as a stuck-up person. Go up to people and strike up conversations, and once you meet people, never ever forget their names when you talk to them.
  8. Smile a lot: A princess should always look happy, so don't frown. Smiling is contagious!
  9. Be truly nice: It's a big truth that it isn't the tiara that makes the princess, it's what she has on the inside. Princesses are remembered for the good they did, not for their looks. Be nice to the ones who are sad, pay a honest compliment to someone, go out of your way to help people.
  10. Be yourself: A princess shouldn't be fake, or she won't be a true princess. Be yourself!
  11. Do your best in school: You can't forget about your studies since they will help you in the future. When you do get good grades, don't flaunt them. Instead, you can help someone who has trouble in school.
  12. Be caring: A princess must care about others in her life. Mourn with those who are mourning, comfort those who stand in need of comforting. If you see someone fall help them up, if someone drops their stuff help them pick it up. Never laugh at the misfortune of others.
  13. Stand up straight: Ever since ancient times, royalty have been trained to stand up as straight as possible to set them apart from commoners.
  14. Be gentle: A true princess is never harsh or brash. You can still express your feelings without slamming them in peoples' faces.
  15. Be Classy: Stick to your morals - Dress modestly, avoid loud laughter, do not use vulgar or swear words, do not share dirty pictures or stories.

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